The 🔵 Blue Centipede Pearl Geliga Lipan 深蓝招财蜈蚣灵珠 Believed For Windfall Money Wealth Luck

** Please READ before your purchase *** – All items are sold “as is” & as shown in the listed pictures and descriptions. – The information associated with this Item/ Amulet was obtained through translation, reproduction and expresses the Religious Beliefs and Opinions of the Maker/ Master/ Archarn and Devotees/ Followers. – Kindly Research BEFORE your purchase as No Refunds & No exchange will be entertained. – Please SKIP if in doubt. Thank you.

** 请在购买前阅读 *** – 所有商品均按“原样”出售,如所列图片和说明所示。 – 此圣物品/护身符相关的信息是通过翻译,并表达了制造者/大师/Archarn和信徒/追随者的宗教信仰和观点。 – 请在购买前进行详细研究,因为绝不退款和绝不换物。 – 如有疑问、怀疑、不肯定,请跳过,不要恭请。谢谢你。


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This listing is for 1 piece 3.5mm to 4mm 🔵 Blue Geliga Lipan Centipede Pearl.

The Geliga Lipan Blue Centipede Pearls 深蓝招财蜈蚣灵珠 – Under normal daylight, this Blue Centipede Pearl may appear Black/ Blackish or Dark Blue – When a light source is introduced, you can see the actual Blue colour clearly. – Shine a Ultra Violet/ Blue Light on it and Voila! It shows a Reddish hue. – Price is size dependant. – Various sizes available from time to time, please check individual listings. Beliefs: – The Geliga Lipan or Centipede pearls are Believed to be Wealth Attractants and is Believed to improve your Aura/ 6th Sense and bring Windfall, Money Luck for its owner. – Centipede Pearls are BELIEVED to be one of the most highly prized possessions across different cultures and is Believed to possess magical and spiritual powers mainly for extreme luck with risk takers, attraction of wealth/ sudden windfalls and increasing one’s luck to win in game of chance, thus making it one of the most sought after lucky mystical object across many cultures for those who believe in spiritual stones, charms and amulets. – The appearance of Centipede pearls may be rough, some are matt and some are smooth. Some are more roundish while some may be a little oval and irregular. Different pearls from different locales may exhibit slightly different traits, they are all beautiful in their own unique ways.

💵💸💰 luck testimonies: https://www.facebook.com/helluva8/

* 100% Authentic Centipede Pearls 🔴⚫️ * Facts are Facts, Simple as that. TEST and you will know its Authenticity… See actual spiritual masters explaining about the pearls here… watch video link


– Fire Test Video: https://sg.carousell.com/p/1026006766

🔴⚪️⚫️ – 天下二宝, 招财蜈蚣珠 – 天然纯正能量!🚫没精灵 ✖️没山精鬼魅 🔵 深蓝招财蜈蚣灵珠 – 在正常日光下看起来会是黒色、黑篮或深蓝 – 灯光下就能显出它源本蓝色 – 紫外线或蓝灯照射下显露漂亮的红色 一颗3.5mm至4mm深蓝蜈蚣灵珠的价格为$120新币。 价格取决于大小,较大价格必定较高。 – 蜈蚣灵珠的表面有些是粗糙的,有些是哑光,有些是光滑。有些较圆润,而有些则有些椭圆形和不规则。各自都有自己的独特和美丽。 —- 小煜老師實測,天下三寶之一蜈蚣珠,據說蜈蚣珠有快速提升運勢,水火不侵,刀槍不入 —-



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