Lp Pinak Duangta 3rd Eye Thai Amulet – Original Temple Casing BE 2527+ Wat SanomLao 龙婆碧纳智慧天眼原装庙壳加防水壳

DuangTa Third Eye in Temple Casing with additional quality waterproof casing.

Master: Lp Pinak
Temple: Wat Sanomlao
Year: BE 2527+ 

– This 3rd Eye amulet is Believed to be for Wisdom, Focus, Concentration, Protection, Change Bad to Good, 6th Sense/ Intuition, Business Acumen, block Black magic/ evil forces, avoiding danger, Keep a lookout for you, sense who is true or who harbours ill intentions.

– worn as an amulet or placed on Study Tables/ Work Tables/ Office Table. Believed to be for people who needs a lot of Focus, Concentration and to “open up” your wisdom.. — 开智慧,第六感,直觉,专注目标,逼小人,填补五行,辟邪,挡煞,防降,助事业生意、商政成功、超强转运,让你把一切看得更清、专注与专心

– The late Venerable Luang Phor Pinak, an old-time Grand Master known for his very special and unique styles of amulets.


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Product Description

** Please READ before your purchase ***
– All items are sold “as is” & as shown in the listed pictures and descriptions.
– The information associated with this Item/ Amulet was obtained through translation, reproduction and expresses the Religious Beliefs and Opinions of the Maker/ Master/ Archarn and Devotees/ Followers.
– Kindly Research & Research BEFORE your purchase as No Refunds & No Exchange whatsoever will be entertained.
– Please SKIP if in doubt. Thank you.

** 请在购买前阅读 ***
– 所有商品均按“原样”出售,如所列图片和说明所示。
– 此圣物品/护身符相关的信息是通过翻译,并表达了制造者/大师/Archarn和信徒/追随者的宗教信仰和观点。
– 如有质疑、不肯定,请跳过,不要恭请。
– 请在购买前进行详细研究,做好功课。因为货一出门绝不退款、绝不跟换。谢谢

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