Lp Pinak Mitmor Hua Chamod Ud Kring BE 2517-2525 Wat Tha Koei Thai Amulet Bucha

“For Display and Safekeeping Purposes Only, Harmless/not a functioning knife”

Meedmor Hua Chamod Ut Kring

Master: LP Pinak
Temple: Wat Tha Koei
Year: BE 2517-2525
Length: 33cm/ 13 inches

– Mitmor inserted with a Kring ball which makes a rattling sound when shaken.

Beliefs of the Mitmor:
Believed to be for defence against Black Magic, evil entities, bad aura, evil winds and for rituals, protection, get rid of unwelcome gossips, red eye, backstabbers, clear obstacles, for creating holy water for cleansing

– the late Venerable Luang Phor Pinak. An old-time Grand Master known for his very special and unique styles of amulets.


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Product Description

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– All items are sold “as is” & as shown in the listed pictures and descriptions.
– The information associated with this Item/ Amulet was obtained through translation, reproduction and expresses the Religious Beliefs and Opinions of the Maker/ Master/ Archarn and Devotees/ Followers.
– Kindly Research & Research BEFORE your purchase as No Refunds & No Exchange whatsoever will be entertained.
– Please SKIP if in doubt. Thank you.

** 请在购买前阅读 ***
– 所有商品均按“原样”出售,如所列图片和说明所示。
– 此圣物品/护身符相关的信息是通过翻译,并表达了制造者/大师/Archarn和信徒/追随者的宗教信仰和观点。
– 如有质疑、不肯定,请跳过,不要恭请。
– 请在购买前进行详细研究,做好功课。因为货一出门绝不退款、绝不跟换。谢谢

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